My name is Mitja and I’ve been learning, practicing and teaching User Experience research and design since 2002. I’ve been UX-ing 100+ web/mobile/hardware products and services.

Currently I’m in freelance mode.
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Here are a few tidbits about how I go about my work:

#user-reseach. Like every true UXer I’ve learned that without reaching out to users there’s a BIG danger of creating a wrong experience for the wrong or even non-existing user. Even just a couple of user interviews helps me step into their shoes. I ask questions, do usability tests, card sorting, even eyetracking and brain scans if needed.

#market-overview. The cheapest way to learn is from other people’s mistakes. That’s why a thorough list of wins and fails of similar products or services is a must-have at any point of product development.

#and-then-we-dive: Personas, Customer journeys, Information architecture, Wireframe, Prototypes, Usability testing, Traffic analysis, AB experiments…

#design-thinking is the way to go! I believe in the power of post-it notes, group thinking, group sketching…  I try to convert every meeting into a workshop. It’s just amazing to see people drawing for the first time since kindergarden :)

There are three things that matter in User Experience Design:
Iteration, (2) Iteration, (3) Iteration.

In my career I’ve worn many hats:

  • Head of UX (2008 to 2014 at D·Labs). In a couple of years we have grown from a small web-shop into a company of 60+ agile developers, designers and consultants working mainly for UK startups. Designing interfaces with at least 15 different interaction, visual and UI designers, worked with 10 plus development teams (php, ruby, iOS, android, wordpress, drupal …). 
  • Information architect (5 years at Innovatif) was my first UX-related title. I was responsible for architecture and UI ideation of websites and apps
  • Product manager
  • SCRUM master (certified)
  • Market researcher at a research agency (focus groups, interviews
  • PR/marketing manager, Event organiser
  • Roundtable facilitator (host)
  • Advertising creative copywriter
  • Digital media planner (adwords, facebook ads, banners)
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) consultant and niche growth hacker
  • Journalist and Editor in Chief for a computer magazine

I’ve always enjoyed sharing my UX knowledge and tips:

  • TEDx speaker
  • Blogger since 2002
  • 20+ published articles for computer magazines
  • Internet Practicum teacher at the Faculty of Social Sciences Ljubljana (2014, 15..)
  • University level curriculum designer (project IDEATE)
  • Interaction design teacher at Middlesex University (IAM) for 4 years
  • Initiator and mentor at several Service Jams
  • SeedCamp mentor, Y Combinator companies’ consultant
  • Workshops for accelerators and schools in Slovenia, UK, US, Austria, Croatia, Bulgaria
  • Google Analytics Certification Course for Slovenian Government
  • Web content management / copywriting workshops

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