Anna is an anthropologist who helped companies like Microsoft and Boeing design better products and services. She is really passionate about user centricity and co-creation. And last week I had a chance to meet her:

“Going out and asking people is an art. You really have to put yourself in their shoes. It’s really not about asking. It’s about actively listening.“

“Put your gut feeling in a parking lot, go explore, and then you can go back to your gut feeling and check it out after you have explored other options.”

“Entire public sector is in crisis. They have been building by themselves services for the people. My passion is to help them build with the people. In my belief that’s the best way to create the most meaningful, relevant, useful, desirable, sustainable and effective services”

“Banking is a complete disaster. The focus is on how much money can they make from our customers instead of what value proposition do we have for people. What people need today from banks isn’t necessarily what banking has traditionally stood for.”

“If you start people first (not technology first) you always have the opportunity to find meaning. And from meaning you find value and from value you end up creating solutions”

Anna came to Slovenia to speak at a KocRis 2012 final event. Her visit was kindly organised by Alenka and Dan from Ergo Institute. Thx guys! The Slovenian transcript of this interview will be published in December’s issue of MonitorPro magazine.